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Relationship Graph

Describes the graph model in Trayse Inventory
The relationship graph model for Trayse Inventory is a hybrid between anchor-buoy and unified.
Relationship Graph for Trayse Inventory
An anchor-buoy model requires all base tables to be at the left of the relationship graph, serving as an "anchor". In Trayse Inventory, base tables are blue. A copy of a base table is a table occurrence and is gray. In the image above, blue base tables are not always on the left of the screen. This violates traditional anchor-buoy.
A unified model tries to have most, if not all, of the base tables and table occurrences connected in one single unit. The relationship graph in Trayse Inventory has several table occurrence groups, which violates the rules of unified model.
Thus, the combination of an anchor-buoy with a unified model makes the relationship graph a hybrid model.