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Removing Demo Data

Describes the steps to unlock the script to remove the demo data that ships with Trayse Inventory.
Trayse Inventory ships with demo data. These are the steps for removing that data.
Before removing the demo data, make sure to go through the various aspects of the system (i.e. purchasing, receiving, estimates, etc.) to make sure you understand the data flow.

Open the Script Workspace

The "Delete Demo Data" on the Home layout is connected to a script. However, to avoid accidental deletion, the script is disabled.
Deleting the demo data cannot be reversed.
The menu set on the Home layout is limited. Trayse Inventory uses custom menus throughout the system. To access the Script Workspace, go to Tools/Custom Menus/[Standard Menus].
Expanding the Menu to access all the tools
If you don't see the Tools menu, then you need to enable the advanced tools. Since Trayse Inventory uses custom menus, you will need to close Trayse Inventory first. Then you will be able to access the Preferences menu and click the "Use advanced tools" checkbox. Once checked, you will need to quit FileMaker in order for the change to set.
Enabling the advanced tools is required to bypass custom menus.
Now that you have access to the Script Workspace, open the script "temp - remove demo data dialog¬". Disable the Halt Script step and enable the rest of the script. You can run the script from here or you can return to the Home layout and click the Delete Demo Data button.

Clean Up

Once the demo data has been removed, you should remove the folder "DEMO DATA - DELETE BEFORE DEVELOPMENT" and all the scripts therein. Also remove the Delete Demo Data button on the Home layout and the text object underneath the button.
Don't remove the folder "INITIAL DATA SET - DELETE BEFORE PRODUCTION". Those scripts are still needed during the set up process.

Why is this so complicated?

A big red button on the Home layout - it seems like this should be an easy process!
I readily acknowledge that I made this harder that it needs to be. I'm simply so paranoid about deleting data, even if it's dummy data.